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There is a number of breathalysers available for purchase, their prices ranging from a couple dozen to over a thousand pounds. They differ in the type of utilised sensor, accuracy, measurement range, finishing quality, and additional features facilitating the use. Sensors installed in alcohol testers have different physical principles of operation.

Electochemical fuel cell breathalysers

Specialist electrochemical fuel cell sensors allow to measure the actual concentration of alcohol in a breath sample. They react to alcohol particles only, which makes them difficult to trick. Such a solution ensures that alcohol will not affect the work of professional drivers, or other company employees, in any way. Moreover, breath testers utilising these sensors need to be calibrated far less often than the ones using semiconductor sensors, which is especially important in cases of using the device to test dozens, or even hundreds of people every day.

Semiconductor breathalysers

Detective Store offers a wide selection of semiconductor breathalysers, allowing each of our customers to pick a device to suit their needs. We offer alcohol testers of various sizes, durability, functionality, even colour variants. All of the breathalysers in our offer are reliable and trustworthy, allowing the users to feel safe and confident during traffic controls due to their clear and reliable results.

Professional breathalysers

Among other models, Detective Store offers a non-contact AlcoBlow breathalyser, able to conduct a test in 5 seconds, and to test 5000 samples on a single battery set. Another device present in out offer is the AlkoSensor IV CM, a model frequently used by uniformed services. It offers high finishing quality, accurate results, and compatibility with specialised printers, which allows to print out the rest results and use them as piece of evidence in court.

Do you know that every breathalyser needs calibration?

What is the Blood Alcohol Calculator Online?

The Blood Calculator Online is a tool for calculating the estimaded blood alcohol concentration Our alcohol unit calculator is based on a mathematical algorithm. Upon typing in the necessary data, the the alcohol calculator will return an estimated blood alcohol content value. Keep in mind that the alcohol unit calculator provides estimates only, not exact results.

Blood Alcohol Calculator Online in court proceedings

Unfortunately, the results returned by the online alcohol unit calculator are inadmissible as evidence, since only attested alcohol testers are able to measure the actual breath alcohol concentration. Detective Store's alcohol calculator does not take into consideration other crucial factors, such as:

What is the purpose of the online alcohol calculator?

Detective Store created this tool to provide you with means to estimate your blood alcohol content, and the time you will be completely sober. Our alcohol unit calculator is merely and application – it is based on a mathematical algorithm, and provides statistical blood alcohol level, not exact values.

Types of breathalyzers:

  Semiconductor Electrochemical Spectrophotometric
Sensor Semiconductor Electrochemical Spectrophotometric
Price 30 - 60 £ 70 - 500 £ 600 £ - ∞
Applications For initial screenings conducted by individual customers. Perfect for students and new drivers. Certain models are mobile evidentiary devices, used mainly by police forces all around the world. Errors about +/- 5% at 0.4 mg/l Stationary devices for evidentiarty tests
Susceptible to result-altering factors, such as chewing gum, cigatettes, etc. Yes No No
Low battery effect on test results Semiconductor sensors must be heated to high temperatures, which requires a lot of power. At a discharged battery, the sensor is not able to heat up properly, resulting in major result flaws. Not affected Does not apply – stationary devices.
Sensor lifespan At concentrations higher than permitted there is the risk of immediate damage or de-calibration of the sensor. About 5 years Not specified
Repeatability Depends on used sensor Depends on used sensor Stable
Calibration Upon noticing incorrect results (as recommended by vendors) or every 6 months. Evidentiary breathalysers – every 6 months. Not specifiedo

How do breathalysers measure blood alcohol content?

BrAC (Breath Alcohol Concentration)
Breathalysers measure breath alcohol concentration (BrAC) directly, providing the results in mg/dm3.
BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration)
Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) is proportional to breath alcohol concentration, and is expressed in per milles (‰).
Legal level of blood alcohol content depends on the country
Alcohol testers destined for distribution to specific countries use different BrAC to BAC conversion ratio. Therefore it is of vital importance to choose a model destined for a specific market, as the results may differ by as much as 15%!

Legal drinking limit in european countries

COUNTRY BAC [per mille ‰]
Albania 0,0
Austria * 0,5
Belgium 0,5
Belarus 0,0
Bosnia and Herzegovina 0,5
Bulgaria 0,5
Croatia 0,0
Czech Republic 0,0
Denmark 0,5
Estonia 0,0
Finland 0,5
France 0,5
Greece * 0,5
Spain 0,5
Netherlands * 0,5
Ireland 0,5
Iceland 0,5
Yugoslavia 0,5
Lithuana 0,0
Country BAC [per mille ‰]
Luxembourg 0,8
Latvia 0,5
Macedonia 0,5
Malta 0,0
Germany * 0,5
Norway 0,2
Poland 0,2
Portugal 0,5
Russia 0,0
Romania 0,0
Slovakia 0,0
Slovenia * 0,5
Switzerland 0,5
Sweden 0,2
Turkey 0,5
Ukraine 0,0
Hungary 0,0
Great Britain 0,8
Italy 0,5

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